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    Painted Dreams!

    / Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Hooray! Just had a short break in Kuala Terengganu for a-week time.

    For your information, a parliamentary seat by-election is fired up in the peaceful town. When you drive around in the town, you may found that everywhere is full of parties' flags, flyers, and posters. BN or PAS? Now you decide. Everyone, includes teenagers who less likely to take note of those political things, had discussed politicians, political issues, and so on during they are sit down to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or some teas. 

    Not forgetting to introduce the only one McDonald's in the town which with Arabian words alongside. 

    The second day in Kuala Terengganu I bought an unique spectacles at Penney Pang, the shop of Poon's mother.

    Less entertainment at Kuala Terengganu if compared to K.L. A day roundoff could be like that - wake up, eat, snooker, eat, computer games, yamcha, sleep. That's life in K.T. Otherwise you could have some beers during Thursday, the day which unofficially known as Beer Day at steak houses, lounges, or bistro. 

    Swimming might be a type of activity that can fill up the boring day. If there are some kids, hmm or else a kid only, the bully case or we often called that as "J-O-K-E-S" would happen around the poolside. 

    I miss Ganu! I'm homesick again! *sad*

    *Tuning into: Rain - Rainism*

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    I painted my dreams at 7:42 AM

    / Thursday, January 1, 2009

    Last day of year 2008 gone! Year 2009 is the present! Now I just realized that time flies and pass so quick. Many ups and downs in year 2008, but the year still could considered as an average year la. Not bad, not excellent though. May everyone has a wonderful year ahead, and more blessed. *smile*

    By the way, I just hope my year 2009's wishes could come true. Some of them enough already. *winks*

    1) My family would be blessed and the harmony of family would become greater.
    2) Increase the pocket money! 
    3) My friends feel happier than previous time. 
    4) Time would not be wasted like last year one.
    5) Travel to more places especially Taiwan and Japan!

    Well, I spent my New Year's eve at Bukit Bintang. I reached around 6p.m and I figured out there are a huge crowd at the outside of Sungei Wang. Most of them waited the countdown concert bah. 

    Since I need to wait my secondary schoolmates for the gathering dinner, so I decided to do window shopping at Lot 10 to kill the bored time. When I walked around, I saw a pair of couple lying on the sofa! Vincent and Teing! They're having drinks at Jackie Chan's cafe. Since I nothing to do, so I joined them for a drink too. It might be my brand new location to have high tea session since the atmosphere around there are very satisfying. No more Starbucks? *grins*

    Jackie Chan's Cafe

    Suddenly feel sleepy on the sofa wei

    Boon Ping came to meet me first and we did shopping at Pavilion while we were waiting for Pick Ching and Yeh Cong. Most of us didn't have idea where to have our gathering dinner. Since Yeh Cong and Boon Ping claimed that they never eat at T.G.I. Friday's, I suggested there. This is the way Yeh Cong and Boon Ping lost their "very precious first time". LOL. Guess what? Both of us used almost two hours to finish our main courses. Too full already and the stomaches gonna blow already. Yoong Jan and his girlfriend Xin Hui joined us too after they finish their dinner at another place. We recalled funny and joyful memories during we were in secondary school, and not forget to tease each other especially Pick Ching. Bow wow wow~ 


    Yeh Cong the professional photographer

    Pick Ching, Boon Ping

    Boon Ping and I!

    Boneless wings with Buffalo sauces

    Boon Ping's. Forgot what name already.

    My choice for the day - Honey Pecan Salmon 

    Yeh Cong's and Pick Ching's. BBQ Chicken.

    Afterward, we went to countdown at the ground floor of Pavilion. It's so damn nice! My first time to countdown with lots of people. Somebody danced over there, some of them pulled their hands up, and 6 of us just busy to take photo using Yeh Cong's camera. LOL. Anyway, thumbs up to the surrounding at Pavilion during countdown session. We were get high there! Incredible moments. *laugh out loud*

    I watched my 1st movie of year 2009 with Poon and Agnes after I finished the gathering time with them. Lady Cop & Papa Crook released on 1st January 2009 and we were among the first bunch to watch the movie which starred by Eason Chan and Sammi Cheng! Yeah! Unfortunately, because of serious traffic jam, Poon and Agnes were late about 35 minutes and we missed the early part of the movie. So we not so understand the story line of the movie. Yet, it is a good movie to watch. Not highly recommended, but okay okay only la. *evil smile*

    Last but not least, go through well and rock the year of 2009! Let's go guys and girls!

    *Tuning into: Avril Lavigne - Runaway*

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    I painted my dreams at 3:18 AM

    / Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    When I wanted to sleep at the 8 in the morning, I just realized that new year is coming soon and my room was super-duper messy. I admit that I am a lazy guy and never tidy up my room since I moved into the room 9 months ago. A mind crossed my head - I must clean up my room for whatever reason! So I kicked my ass off and quickly to do the housework that my mummy usually do for me one such as sweep the floor or mop the floor. After I finished up those works for bloody 3 hours, I just know my mummy is doing the awesome stuffs for don't know how many years already. I started to feel regret that why I never help my mummy since those was tiring and bored things and she need to do this for almost everyday. H-O-M-E-S-I-C-K now! *sad*

    A word can describe all of these - MESSY!

    Moved out all the things and clean the room

    Not bad leh? *proud of myself*

    Afternoon joined some classmates for Pei Cheng's advance birthday celebration at Red Box of Plaza Low Yat. Chee Keen and I were late to there for almost 2 hours eh. Hmm. But its okay la i think. At least we came right. *winks* After karaoke session some of them went to Sungei Wang or Pavilion. Meanwhile Chee Keen and I went to Topshop at Lot 10 one to buy Juliet a belated birthday present to show our sincere apologizes that we missed out her precious birthday party. Accept it okay? 

    Secret couple?

    The birthday girl's face full of cream wei

    Random shot

    *Tuning into: Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part*

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    I painted my dreams at 1:42 AM

    / Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Boxing day(also considered as Qi Yang's birthday)'s dinner at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant which located at Taipan USJ. This was my very first time to try the Korean BBQ style-food and unsurprisingly the food was so yummy! The services of waiters were impeccable too. No wonder the place seems like very happening and quite popular since the quality of food and services are so excellent. *winks*

    Meat on the fire with korean appetizers around

    My favourite - Kimchi!

    Yummilicious porks

    Korean sauces

    *Tuning into: BoA - Love Letter*


    I painted my dreams at 6:36 PM

    / Friday, December 26, 2008

    Around 8p.m Agnes rang me and she asked me to show up at Pavilion for Christmas dinner. Quickly took the shower and rushed like a rat to there. Wow, the traffic in Bukit Bintang getting more serious due to the Christmas Day. Understandable since Malaysia's traffic problems are out of control for ages. By the way Pavilion was "flooded"!

    Do you notice the salmons?

    Where we had Christmas dinner? T to the G to the I to the F - T.G.I. Friday's!

    Credit to Agnes *eyes-drooling*

    Well, I ordered Boneless Wings as appetizer, Friday's Chicken as main course, Chocolate Malt Cake as dessert, and a Ultimate Mango-Berry Margarita. Everything was perfect except the margarita. It tastes bitter and took few-second time to swallow it, too hard to swallow you must know. I was too regret that I didn't order slush. Sigh.

    Went to Snooker Mas, Cheras and played some snooker games with Poon. Can't took the revenge to him because Sau Yiew was waiting for us to go for Qi Yang's birthday party. Qi Yang brought his new beloved girlfriend along too. The party was held at a pub which located at Jalan Ipoh. Although something bad was happen, but still could considered as an average party. Supper time at a dim sum shop nearby the pub. Thumb up for the dim sum. Might have another chance to eat again. Till then, its your day Qi Yang! May the blessings and laughters would come to you! I'm broke to afford your present. Forgive me brother. =)

    *Tuning into: Hilary Duff - Someone Watching Over Me*

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    I painted my dreams at 5:35 AM

    / Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Singing "White Christmas"

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
    Just like the ones I used to know
    Where the treetops glisten and children listen
    To hear sleigh bells in the snow

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
    With every Christmas card I write
    May your days be merry and bright
    And may all your Christmases be white

    Yes the lyric is dedicated for you! I bet everyone would like to have a snowy and white christmas, don't you? *winks* 

    How I went through the Christmas eve of year 2008? hmm I waited Santa Claus to give Tommy Hilfiger's trench coat as my Christmas present but the miracle didn't appear. Santa Claus! Where did you go?! *sad*

    1) Barbeque Party at balcony of A-5-6 (Pinky's house)
    The BBQ party was estimated that start from 8p.m but you must understand that we are living at Malaysia, not Japan, where the citizens always be punctual as they could and never be late for any occasion. As Malaysian, we continued our unique culture and the party start around 10p.m. Everyone was ate much except me. I don't know how to burn the food! I deserved to feel hunger, I know that. *laugh out loud*

    2) Look Out Point at Ampang
    Two pairs of couple and four very-shining light bulbs were passed the 12'o clock at Look Out Point, where is a hill that could see the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur. There is quite lots of people did the countdown there, and some of them sprayed each other. The atmosphere really suitable to couple for dating session. I mean, when there is lesser people. *keep in mind ya!*

    All-time poser with Amanda's bag

    3) A-5-6 again 
    Had some boys' talk with Wei Jiat, Pinky, Jia Hao, Chee Keen, and Joe. I'm not gonna screw it out here since those was confidential and protected. No la, just shared some life experiences and got to know more each other's secrets. *laugh out loud* Played some funny and amazing games such as Truth or Dare with liquor and vodka afterward. No doubt it was crazy moments huh. I swear, this was the first time I did so much unexpected stuffs. I kissed Joe! I never thought of that! *arghhhhhhhhhhh*

    Make life funnier?!

    *Tuning into: Jojo - Anything*

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    I painted my dreams at 6:57 AM

    / Saturday, December 20, 2008

    Another excellent comedy starring by Jim Carrey, the infamous male comedian - that's Yes Man!

    Rushed to Pavilion at 1a.m with Poon and Agnes and thanks God our efforts to rush in the busy traffic wasn't been wasted. We reached before the movie started to show in 5-minute time. Fortunately we managed to grab the movie tickets before the counters was closed. LOL.

    The comedy is talking about a guy who named Carl Allen lives his life without much socialization. His life was bored, because he rejects everything just say by "NO", even to his best buddies. Though, a seminar changed his life. He made a promise with the speaker of the seminar and the promise was about that he must say ''YES'' to everything because it may lead something good yet interesting to his life. He started to enjoy and rule his life after he said "YES" to everything, and anything. Carl's life turned into an amazing and unexpected way, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities by saying "YES" to anything can have its drawbacks. The comedy was ended at the scene when Carl finally was forgiven by Alison and they fall in love again. 

    I truly in awe of Jim Carrey's acting skills. He is really funny and cute in the movie! The movie was successfully to bring lots of laughters and joys to everyone in the cinema. You know what? Everyone includes us laughed like we'll never laugh again. Agnes was over-excited. She was shaking her popcorn box while she was laughed loud, and her laugh couldn't stop in a moment time. Oh by the way, I was frustrated why Rotten Tomatoes gave a quite disappointing rating to the movie only, which is 45%. Maybe they should watch the movie for once again to take a closer look and change their consensuses. *evil smile*

    One word can change everything. Boys and girls, say "YES" to everything from right now!


    I painted my dreams at 1:53 PM

    / Saturday, December 13, 2008

    Supposed to complete this post yesterday, but I was extremely TIRED after stood for bloody 10++ hours and deserved nothing from that. Grr.

    I never work unless I helped my mummy or relatives in their shops and I was paid which more than usual part-timer get. It means I could get salary and the amount was totally awesome. So, I worked on my first job for
    Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Centre and the job was a promoter for Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with Maxis Broadband-ready. I worked with Wei Jiat, Ling Wei and her's friends. The based salary is RM70 per day and commissions would paid based on our sales. I was expected so much and I kept on dreaming about my excellent performance on the job before the day started to work. lmao.

    However, things wouldn't going so smooth as what you imagine. Everything may screwed up due to your bad luck or some unspecified reasons. I could considered my first job experience was awful. It was sucks. As promoters, we need to promote to those customers who passed by the counters to attract them. Wei Jiat and I started to attract customers from 11a.m to 3p.m and we got no customer to purchase. You know what? Some of them just said they were not interested in this, some just ignored you, even worse some came to you and after your clear explanation about the promotion and details of the laptop then left away. WHAT DA HELL IS GOING ON HUH?! We got nothing after we put effort on this, even our efforts were not so much as others did. Hmm.

    Thus, the laptop is really hard to promote or hard sell la. Less selling point if compared to other laptop. Okay I know the the tiny size of laptop and built-in modem are attractive enough for some customers. But the laptop internal hard disc space is just 8GB. 8GB?! Actually the size would become to around 3.9GB after the Window XP is installed inside the laptop. The
    promotion was mentioned that the first 100-customer who purchase the laptop would get a free external hard disc which is 160GB. Some of customers response that it would be very troublesome if need to plug in the external hard disk during outgoing period. I thought, is the laptop just for Internet surfing? LOL. Moreover, the price was influenced the sales too, in my opinion. Customers who are the first 200 to purchase the laptop might paid by monthly installments which is RM89 per month f0r 24 months. On the other hand, the price of the laptop with Maxis Broadband-ready is RM2136 and inclusive of 6 month
    Maxis Broadband subscription. Sounds so great huh. However, some of the customers told me that the actual price of laptop is RM1400++ which was the pricing they saw at the Dell's counter or somewhere else. The 2136 bucks is actually includes the 6 months of Maxis Broadband. They just asked why the price is different with Dell's counter la, why must buy the laptop with Maxis Broadband and bla bla bla. I just speechless when they threw such questions to me.

    Few of those customers were just too free or bored and they would asked many questions and in the end, they kept crictise the services or coverage of the Maxis Broadband or they blame the customer services of Dell and so on. They were made me frustrated. My brain was almost exploded. Grr. I just wished I could kill them arghhh. If you were not interested to buy, then don't disturb us and just go away!!! Feel like want to kick their arses. More disgusted thing is there are some promoters screwed the customers that you hardly pull their attentions to attract them to buy the laptop. Hey come on. We put the efforts to attract customers, and gave briefing or explanation to them in 10-minute time, after you came and spoke some words only, the sales then turned to under your name and you gained commission from that. You are such BITCHES and FUCKERs you know!! *!@#$%^&*

    Seriously, it was a tiring job for me. Need to stand for so many hours and you may get nothing if you are in bad luck. Just like me. Got no sales and boss was not satisfied with it. Almost whole of my body feel bad. My knees and legs still in pain condition until now. Feel exhausted some more. Deserve nothing from this. Dissatisfied with my first job experience. I swear, no more sales executive or promoter job for me again. NO MORE IN MY LIFE! Grr =(

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    I painted my dreams at 12:42 AM